How To Make Your Own Lab

In its sixth year, GiveMe5 is a program sponsored by The Rhode Island Film and Television Office, in conjunction with the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Education Program, intended to help local elementary through high school students improve their filmmaking and media literacy.

We do that by supporting labs which give teens hands-on experience and practice, screenings which provide an opportunity for feedback from peers and professionals, and by providing professional advancement opportunities for media instructors.

This site is intended to help those looking to create their own GiveMe5 programs in other states. We’ve broken the day into sequential scenes, and included advice both technical and big-picture, including the lessons we’ve learned through trial and error, to help you produce the most successful learning process possible.

We encourage you to learn from our experience – but also to experiment, and share ideas you try that make the process better! One of the most important things students learn from these exercises in filmmaking is collaboration – we hope to be models for that behavior too!

GiveMe5 relies on volunteers and a community of schools, non-profits and organizations to make these events happen – see our contact info if you’d like to get involved. Help is always welcome!

Welcome & Instruction

(written by Yonty Friesem)

Learning Goals:

# Introduce the participants to the schedule and practices of the day
# Learn about basic elements of cinematic techniques
# Create a common professional language to be used during the day

Terms: Pre-production, Production, Post-production, C.U., M.S., L.S. O.T.S., H.A., E.L., L.A., Cut on Action, Foley.

Main Question: What are we going to do today?


Once all the participants are gathered, introduce the organizers and the schedule of the day. Make sure to state the purpose of the workshop as an introductory activity to filmmaking and learning to collaborate and meet new friends. In the second part of the introduction use examples and discussion to introduce the basic elements of cinematic techniques.

Lesson Procedures: 

  • (5 min) Introduction of staff and coaches
  • (5 min) Schedule of the day
  • (5 min) Pledge of filmmakers
  • (25-30 min) Intro to terms and examples
  • (5 min) group assignments and sending to groups room