How To: Screening & Reflection

Screening & Reflection

(written by Sherilyn Brown)

Learning Goal:

# Reflect critically and thoughtfully on one’s own work and others

# Reflect on one’s own creative process as part of a team

#  Reinforce cinematic language, concepts, and skills

Terms: All of the terms mentioned in prior sections, the terms associated with the special cinematic focus of the day, plus analyze and reflect.

Main Question: How was your experience today and how would you make it even better?

Introduction:  The discussion facilitator explains to the audience (parents and guardians are invited to the screening) what the main focus of the day has been (e.g.—Foley, cutting on the action), the required line, and the process for the screening. Each team’s film is screened.  After each video, the team is called up to the front of the room. The facilitator asks for responses from the audience.

What did you notice and like about this film?

Do you have any questions about what you saw?

Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share about the work?

The facilitator then asks the team what they like about their work, the roles they played on the team and how they experienced being part of the creative team. The final question posed to the team: As we know, the creative process is ongoing and out time today was short.

If you had more time, how would you change your work and why?

The film is then screened again, in order to deepen the reflection with the benefit of the discussion that has just occurred.

Lesson Procedures: 

  • (2 min)  Welcome and orientation for the audience; welcome back to the teams and explanation of what will happen during the screening
  • (1 min for each film, plus credits) Video is screened
  • (5-10 min for each film) Video is discussed.
  • (1 min for each film, plus credits) Video is screened again.