How To: Props

Brainstorming & Props

(written by Elizaveta Friesem)

Learning Goals:

# Articulate the main message of the video the team will create
# Decide how the key phrase provided for the video will be used
# Choose props for the video

Terms: Main Message, Media Representation, Target Audience, Props

Main Question: How can props promote the purpose of the video to its target audience?

Introduction: Participants brainstorm ideas for the video based on the one line that was provided and the props table. As the coach, you moderate the discussion making sure that all participants contribute to the brainstorming process, and nobody feels left out. The participants can decide to start by looking at props to ignite their imagination. Alternatively, they can look at the props after coming up with a general idea, or while playing with several ideas. You are the facilitator or guide on the side that reminds participants that they should build their video around the key phrase. By the end of the brainstorming session, participants should choose several props, and know the general structure of their video.

Lesson Procedures: 

  • (10 min) Introduction of team members and coach (expectations & prior experience).
  • (15 min) Brainstorming ideas following the provided line.
  • (5 min) Choosing props from the props table.
  • (10 min) Drawing an outline of the story by combining different ideas into a coherent story.