How To: Shooting


(written by Yonty Friesem)

Learning Goals:

# Practice camera operation
# Practice the production roles
# Collaborate as part of a production team member

Terms: C.U., M.S., L.S., O.T.S., Establishing Shot, Focus, Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Dolly, Hand held, Room Tone,

Main Question: How do we shoot a video as a team that includes director, operator, and actors?

Introduction:  As the team start to film their video, you are the guide on the side providing advice and making sure that everyone is participating. Following the plan and the storyboard, the shooting involves actors, at least one location, and the props.

Lesson Procedures: 

  • (5 min) Going over the plan and the storyboard
  • (80 min) Filming
  • (5 min) Reflecting on the experience and planning the editing