How To: Storyboards

Planning & Storyboard

(written by Brien Jennings)

Learning Goals:

# Introduce the importance of planning
# Explain different styles (storyboard, script, shot list)
# Create examples of a filmmaking plan

Terms: Storyboard, Shot-List, Script, Pre-production, Post-production, C.U., M.S., L.S., O.T.S., Interior, Exterior, Establishing Shot

Main Question:  How can we make the filmmaking process as efficient as possible?

Introduction: After arriving at a concept, having a clear plan is essential for a filmmaker. There is no better way to ensure that the filmmaking process goes as smoothly as possible. Introduce the 3 most useful methods of planning (script, storyboard, shot list). Be sure to explain that not every filmmaker has the same process. While some may use a combination of all three, others may use only one or two. As this workshop has a strict time component involved, try to keep it to one or two, or a hybrid. Of course, over the course of the day, filmmakers may have to deviate from the original plan, but having it as a guide will remove a lot of stress.

Lesson Procedures:

  • (10 min) Explain and model script, storyboard, and shot list (the pros and cons of each)
  • (5 min) Decide which model will be used and role assignment
  • (20 min) Create the planning document