JOIN US to see the wonderful GIVE ME 5 short movies by our Rhode Island High School Student Filmmakers! Come to the Give Me 5 Teen Film Festival on Sunday,  May 20th, 2018 at the East Greenwich Odeum Theatre. TICKETS ARE FREE!!!! It is a fun night!!!! DO NOT MISS IT!!!!!

Although the event is free, seating is limited. You can get tickets online at greenwichodeum.com.

The festival part of Give Me 5 has been happening annually since 2008. Short films (ideally 5 minutes or less, although there are exceptions) are accepted from every school and program in Rhode Island. Our selection committee chooses as many as will fit in an evening’s screening. At the screening, films are shown and a small panel of industry professionals conducts a QA / critique afterward with the filmmakers. There are also photo ops, prizes, and an opportunity to meet teen filmmakers from other schools.